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Eco Art Center in the Peruvian Amazon






Sachaqa Centro De Arte welcomes artists to the village of San Roque De Cumbaza, forty minutes outside the town of Tarapoto in the Northern Highland Amazon Jungle, Peru.

Sachaqa Centro De Arte is the first artist residence in the Peruvian jungle San Martin.  It is a center for the preservation of Indigenous arts and the development and presentation of a contemporary/modern standard, as well as a promoting institution of environmental awareness.  The centers activities have a strong base in traditional indigenous Amazonian culture, while simultaneously embracing indigenous art styles and techniques from all over the world as well a contemporary/modern standard.

Collaborating with artists in many fields from around the world, the center has initiated an artist residency program: an opportunity for artists to live and work in this beautiful natural setting.  As a Sachaqa resident you will be part of a very exciting, evolving eco-art project/movement.

The Sachaqa eco-art village is situated a five minutes’ walk away from the San Roque center.  We are close enough to feel part of the local community and far enough removed to be regularly visited by families of small Monkeys and Toucans.  Many colorful Lizards, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Hummingbirds can also often be seen in and around the art center grounds.  With spectacular views of mountains and forests, you will be guaranteed a colorful palette of inspiration.


Our priority is to ensure that your needs as an artist are met and to have as comfortable and enjoyable stay as possible.  As artists we understand the need to be around other artists so that true inspiration and creativity can blossom.




Our Mission and Vision

 * To provide affordable creative space and accommodation for sculptors, painters, musicians, ceramicists, textile artists, writers, dancers, etc.

 *To have regular 

 showing all types of media including two-dimensional works, sculpture, video, and more in the city of Tarapoto, Lamas and San Roque.

*To learn and exchange creative ideas and techniques with local artist and artisans

*To look for alternative creative methods that are not harmful to the environment

*We aspire to learn to respect Mother Nature and be conscious of her in all that we do. This means that everything is recycled and there will be no chemicals/pollution going into her rivers. We must be conscious of the clothes that we wear, washing powders, hair and body soaps, lotions and the food that we eat. Harmful chemicals that exist in these products can have a very direct effect on our environment.


Together we can learn to respect Mother Earth through a simple and sustainable lifestyle!

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